Local bushwalkers clear tracks in Bunyip State Park

Fifteen members of the West Gippsland Bushwalking Club recently cleared overgrowth to widen several walking tracks in the Bunyip State Park.

With instructions from park ranger Andy Musgrove and equipment supplied by Parks Victoria the track clearing crew of club members spent the best part of the day working on some five kilometres of the Lawson Falls Track and the Discovery Track.

The Bunyip State Park covers almost 17,000 hectares and has an extensive network of walking tracks which in the high rainfall of the area can quickly become overgrown. Parks Victoria ranger Andy Musgrove explained there are three bushwalking clubs who volunteer to maintain 25 kilometres of tracks in the park. In a typical year volunteers provide 4,000 hours towards park maintenance.

Members of the West Gippsland Bushwalking Club often walk in various parts of the Bunyip State Park and are keen to help with the upkeep of this valuable community resource. Lawson Falls are the only water falls in the park and can be seen in a pleasant and relatively easy return walk of 90 minutes.


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